being a pain again.. New bits up! Velvet leggings, converse, topshop ad new look stuff, more converse up soon (and clothes) need to sell these bits first.
all money raised goes to world challenge funds for Thailand 2014, thanks to everyone who even just checks the page out! 😘  shopcharmainescloset.bigcartel.com
Thank you to eveyone who’s helped me raise enough for my first payment and for half of my next, I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thankyou for purchasing, even looking! Last new bits are up now, please have one last check. This will be the last bits up for a while. Thankyou everyone xoxoxo 
shopcharmainescloset.bigcartel.com #worldchallenge


Wishlist: Josh Goot Leather Quilted Harness Crop Top


Lonely Hearts AW13 Lookbook